2021 Wardrobe Trends

New wardrobes can transform your home and bedrooms – both in terms of style and functionality. Clear the clutter and store all your precious belongings in a robe that will make getting ready a joy each and every day. Discover the hottest trends in wardrobe design below that are taking the spotlight this year, from bold colour schemes to smart storage accessories that will make organisation a breeze!

Black hinged wardrobes

Celebrate the great outdoors.

2021 sees a focus on colour palettes that celebrate natural beauty. Think earthy, raw colours that mirror nature. Be bold with green tones, sage in particular is enjoying popularity, it’s deep and classic tones are perfect for evoking a calming and tranquil environment. If you love a modern look in your space, consider a flat profile door with a bold handle in a matte black finish. Alternatively, if a classic style is more to your taste, you may like a shaker-profile door with brass-look handles.

It’s not just the exterior of your wardrobes that can make a statement. Add warmth and texture to your closet by selecting timber-look interior finishes. Not sure what shade to choose? Lighter timber hues work beautifully in Scandi or Coastal-inspired interiors, whereas deeper, warmer tones are ideal for creating a rich, opulent scheme. Beautiful on their own if your wardrobe features an open design, timber also pairs beautifully with external doors in shades of whites, blacks and greys, and of course, the sage.

Create a multi-functional design.

As we spend more and more time at home, particularly for work and study, we are seeing a rise in the importance of creating multipurpose spaces throughout the home. A great way of achieving this in your bedrooms is to add a work or study nook to one end of a Hinged Wardrobe. It’s a great space-saving design decision that will provide you with a compact work or study space away from the hustle and bustle of the main parts of your home, such as the kitchen and lounge room.

Not sure what exactly is needed for a well-designed work zone? Key elements include a desktop (consider an engineered quartz top for a luxe touch), open shelving for storage, and a smart lighting scheme so that the space is well lit. And of course, don’t forget power points!

White Hinged Wardrobes
Wardrobe jewellery drawers

Focus on clever storage solutions.

A hard-working wardrobe is so much more than a successful mixture of hanging space, open shelves and drawers. Ensure you have a place for everything, and everything is in its place by adding thoughtful storage and organisation accessories to your robe design.

Take stock of the items you need to store within your wardrobes such as clothing, shoes and accessories and add accessories to tailor to your needs. With so many options to choose from, ranging from shoe racks, pull-out mirrors, safes, laundry hampers, pull-out racks, as well as inserts and compartment trays; you can be sure that there is a storage solution to ensure that your robe is both stylish and functional.

Consider a Sliding robe.

A small bedroom does not equate to small amounts of storage options. Sliding Wardrobe styles are the perfect combination of space-saving and style designed to suit any bedroom size- in particular smaller rooms. They also deliver on clever storage in spades, with layouts that can incorporate deep drawers, open shelving, hanging rails, shoe racks, pull-out mirrors and more!

This humble layout can look just as beautiful from the outside as popular Walk-in and Hinged wardrobe designs. If you have a small space, mirrored doors can make the room look and feel larger, bringing in and reflecting natural light. If instead, you would like to inject colour into your bedroom, there are endless options to pick from, from a classic one-colour look to designs that can mix and match a few different colours.

Black sliding wardrobes

With so many inspiring trends to watch in 2021, designing your perfect wardrobe has never been easier. Updating your wardrobes can significantly impact your home and adds real value to it, both in terms of adding style but, more importantly, providing extra storage, which is always a must-have in any house!