We are enjoying spend more time at home, so why not create the perfect kitchen space for you and your family to love spending time in. Styling your kitchen space is an exciting, but sometimes daunting job so that’s why we are here to help!

We believe that the secret to successful kitchen styling is about finding the balance between style and function- as well as to have fun and inject your personality into the room. Below we share our top 5 tips on how to take your kitchen to stylish new heights.

Tip 1: Create Vignettes

Display your favourite items with layered arrangements set against splashbacks to add colour, pattern and texture to your kitchen. Wooden or marble chopping blocks are a great starting place as they add shape and height. Then group items in front such as candles and vases, as well as kitchen accessories including canisters (consider storing utensils in them for a stylish and slightly unexpected look), grinders, cookbooks and mortar & pestles.

Kitchen styling ideas
Kitchen styling ideas


Another great option is to use boards or trays lying flat on your bench and style and group items on them. Choose what ‘look’ works best with your kitchen- we love to style trays on island benches and create vertical vignettes along back splashbacks.

Not only do they look visually amazing, vignettes are easily changed and updated so you can constantly play and tweak and create new looks whenever you like.


2. Add Greenery

Kitchen styling ideas
Kitchen styling ideas

Bring your kitchen to life- literally- with potted plants, herbs or flowers. Indoor plants are a huge trend in interior design at the moment and are the perfect fit for your kitchen space. Potted herbs not only create a visual feast, they are also extremely practical for any home cook. A stunning floral arrangement on your counter top adds colour, height and texture with effortless beauty.


Tip 3: Use Fresh Produce

Kitchen styling ideas
Kitchen styling ideas

Style fresh fruit and vegetables in beautiful bowls or on stands to create a stunning focal point in your kitchen, either along on back benches or on your island. Not only is this a simple and efficient way of adding colour to your kitchen, it will also encourage you to eat healthily and to create new arrangements each week. Alternatively, if you’re in the mood for a sweet treat, baked goods such as pastries, tarts and freshly made bread are also great finishing touches. 


Tip 4: Be Creative

Adding artwork, from wall paintings and photographic prints to smaller sculptural pieces, is a great way to personalise your kitchen space. We love styling smaller sculptural pieces on open shelving mixed in with other kitchen essentials such as accessories and cookbooks. Consider displaying pieces that have a bit of humour, that are tongue in cheek or that add a pop of colour so that your eye is drawn to them.


Tip 5: Match Colour With Your Kitchen Style

Black and white galley kitchen with island

Colour is a medium that allows you to instantly transform your space and is something that you can easily change and evolve over time. We love introducing colour through various kitchen accessories as well as florals or greenery. Choose colour palettes that complement your kitchen style. Love the Hamptons? Mix whites, timbers and gold or brass-hued metallics in your space. Prefer more of a modern industrial style? We recommend experimenting with different shades of black, grey and white with a pop of one bold colour such as a lime green.